Mexico and Central America: West Coast Wonders Voyage

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The oceans connect and move us. They offer life, color and beauty while providing passage to the great wonders of the world in a way unlike any other. From music, history and the culinary arts to wildlife and adventure, there are amazing memories to be created in every destination, whatever your interest.

All-Inclusive Cruise

  • All onboard gratuities

  • Select complimentary shore excursions**

  • Unlimited beverages, including fine wines and premium spirits served throughout the ship

  • In-suite refrigerator replenished daily with soft drinks, beer and bottled water

  • 24-Hour room service

  • No charge for specialty restaurants

  • Welcome bottle of Champagne

  • US $ 100 Shipboard credit (per suite)††

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Sailing Itinerary

Note: Cruise itineraries are subject to change. Please verify ports and times directly with the cruise line.

Day 1 Port of Call San Francisco Arrival 8:00a.m. Departure 9:00p.m.


San Francisco is a golden dream come true, a place where heart, mind and soul embrace, lost in the simplicity of delightful deliverance. Fog and sun mingle playfully above America's favorite city; the cool, cloudy comfort of early morning slowly dissolving into the peaceful warmth of a gentle afternoon glow. Touch is real. Feel is the essence of escape. Savor is one of a kind. Little wonder why San Francisco has been named the world's top city twice by readers of Condé Nast Traveler; the top U.S. city seven times since 1988. San Francisco's neighborhoods comprise its inner beauty, enhancing daydreams, opening doors to new and exciting visions. The City is a cultural wonderland, an ethnic treasure chest where custom, tradition and history are preserved, celebrated, shared. So take your time and explore The City. You'll find that the Gold Rush days have never really ended here; there's still plenty of gold to be found. The restless spirit of The City's Barbary Coast past lives on, fueled by a desire to be different, nurtured by infinite viewpoints, personalities, styles. Magical moments abound. The echo of cable car bells from atop great hills. The rejuvenation of the soul upon crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. The splendor and elegance of a boat cruise on San Francisco Bay. The soft touching of wine glasses over a gourmet meal. The views. The people. The sights. The sounds. The City. So come and share the wealth. Let your heart, mind and soul wander. Stay as long as you like. San Francisco encourages lingering. It was designed with adventure, romance and pleasure in mind. It is one of life's great indulgences, so indulge. It is one of the world's most gratifying escapes, so escape. It is where the world comes to unwind. It is America's preeminent playground.

Day 2 Cruising
Day 3 Port of Call Los Angeles Arrival 7:00a.m. Departure 8:00p.m.


Los Angeles is the second-most populous city in the United States, after New York City, and the most populous city in the Western United States. With an estimated population of four million, Los Angeles is the largest and most populous city in the state of California and the cultural, financial, and commercial center of Southern California. Nicknamed the "City of Angels" partly because of its name's Spanish meaning, Los Angeles is known for its Mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity, and sprawling metropolis. The city is also one of the most substantial economic engines within the nation, with a diverse economy in a broad range of professional and cultural fields. Los Angeles is also famous as the home of Hollywood, a major center of the world entertainment industry. A global city, it has been ranked 6th in the Global Cities Index and 9th in the Global Economic Power Index. The Los Angeles combined statistical area also has a gross metropolitan product of $831 billion, making it the third-largest in the world, after the Greater Tokyo and New York metropolitan areas. Los Angeles hosted the 1932 and 1984 Summer Olympics and will host the event for a third time in 2028.

Day 4 Port of Call Ensenada Arrival 7:00a.m. Departure 4:00p.m.


Hey, there's more to this town than it just being the finish line for the annual Newport-Ensenada Race! The City of Ensenada has completed a total renovation of Primera, the main street downtown. Enjoy a stroll down the cobblestone sidewalk complete with outdoor cafes, interesting shops, strolling musicians and street vendors. The malecon (harbor boardwalk) renovation was completed last year and provides a beautifully landscaped walk along the harbor front to the Ventana Del Mar Plaza with its huge Mexican flag. From there, you can look across the rio at the new small craft harbor nestled in the middle of the new cruise ship docks. It will be interesting to watch the progress on this new endeavor. The story is that in order to expand the cargo port on the north side of the harbor, the developers had to relocate the passenger ships' dock and provide some type of recreational asset for the city. It looks to be a good solution. Ensenada is also a swell place to take possession of your new boat (more on that later), get a new bottom job for your old boat or set as your destination for an extended coastal cruise, a fun weekend road trip or the start of some long distance cruising! The people of Ensenada are trying hard to improve their city, both for turistas, a big part of their income and for themselves and their families. We have seen improvements which are good, and yet some loss of the "Mexico-ness" in some of the tourist areas. We have met a lot of the residents and business people and want to thank them for their hospitality. As visitors, it is our obligation to live up to the Bienvenidos and the Mi Casa es Su Casa that have been extended to us.

Day 5 Cruising
Day 6 Port of Call Cabo San Lucas Arrival 11:00a.m. Departure 7:00p.m.


Cabo San Lucas, where the sea, sun and desert join to cast an air of mystery and romance over all who visit. Cabo was once a tranquil fishing village and, in times long ago, a hangout for pirates. Although no longer the fishing village of old, and not many of the old pirates are seen around town any more, the magic of Cabo remains. Cabo is still small and charming by any standards, with a population of under 30,000. We do have 4 stop lights now. And with the number of activities available to the visitor, you could easily imagine you are in a giant amusement park. Cabo has come of age. Located at the southernmost tip of the magnificent Baja peninsula, Cabo has been blessed with what many describe as the perfect climate. Average year-round temperature is 78 degrees, it is a little cooler in the winter and a bit warmer in the summer. For years Cabo was the remote playground reserved solely for private yacht owners. They flocked here to be near "Marlin Alley", as the waters around Cabo have often been described. The name is well deserved, as Cabo San Lucas is the undisputed billfish capital of the world. But Cabo is far from remote these days, and the attraction of this magical spot is no longer limited to marlin fishing. Cabo can be, many different things to people. Cabo San Lucas has become known as a perfect vacation spot for the entire family. Cabo can be as quiet, romantic and relaxing as any secret hideaway. It can also be as lively as anyone can possibly imagine. If your wish is to enjoy a quiet candlelight dinner, "muy romantico", beside the shimmering sea for just the two of you, we have some of the most romantic dining spots on the face of the earth. If golf, water sports, boating, fishing, ATV's, horseback riding and numerous other activities are what you seek, they're all here, waiting for you. If "party till you drop" is the mood of the evening, Cabo has got it for you, big time!

Day 7 Cruising
Day 8 Port of Call Acapulco Arrival 12:00p.m. Departure 8:00p.m.


Acapulco, in full Acapulco de Juárez, town and seaport in southern Mexico, in Guerrero State, on the Pacific Ocean. The city has scheduled air service and highway connections with the interior of Mexico. Its principal exports are agricultural: cotton, tropical fruits, sugarcane, coffee, tobacco, and sesame seed. Endowed with a fine harbor, which is almost entirely landlocked, and located in a setting of great natural beauty, Acapulco is sometimes called the Riviera of Mexico. It has luxury hotels, gambling casinos, and excellent beaches and is popular for winter vacations and deep-sea fishing. The climate is warm and pleasant between December and April but hot, humid, and rainy from May to November. The city was founded in 1550, and from 1565 to 1815 it was Mexico's major port on the Pacific coast for Spanish trade with East Asia. Population 687,292 (1995).

Day 9 Cruising
Day 10 Port of Call Puerto Quetzal Arrival 7:00a.m. Departure 5:00p.m.


Hot jungles and steamy nights characterize the port named after Guatemala's national bird. Brilliantly colored clothing bedecks friendly villagers who love to show off their coffee plantations, jungle safaris, and deep-sea fishing spots. Easy access draws many to Tikal National Park, a wonderland of Mayan culture. A series of stone temples dating back to 700 AD--including the Temple of the Two-Headed Snakes--stretch above the treetops, daring the fearless to climb up and enjoy the views. From the top, the people and howler monkeys below look as tiny as the chirping tree frogs and legions of leaf-cutter ants.

Day 11 Port of Call Corinto Arrival 8:00a.m. Departure 5:00p.m.


Corinto or Puerto Corinto on the Pacific coast is the main port for Nicaragua, the largest republic of Central America. From here you can visit the city of Leon, where the largest cathedral in Central America stands or Managua on Lake Managua where you can see Darío Park, with its monument to Nicaragua's famed poet Rubén Darío, the National Palace, and the 20th century cathedral. Nearby there are also some good beaches. Corinto is an authentic Nicaraguan experience that shouldn’t be missed. Historically Corinto had a reputation as a rough and gritty seaport. In more recent times, Corinto has undergone a major face-lift for the better. The pride of Corinto is the new museum in the compounds of the neat and tidy central park. The streets are surprisingly clean in the downtown area and for the most part safe to walk around at night. However, as is the case in most places, there are certain areas that should be given a wide berth after dark.

Day 12 Port of Call Puntarenas/Costa Rica Arrival 11:00a.m. Departure 10:00p.m.


The Central Pacific's largest city, Puntarenas sits on a long, narrow peninsula in the Gulf of Nicoya. For years, it was the country's principal port, and although a newer port in nearby Caldera now handles cargo and Puntarenas the cruise ships, a large fishing fleet still anchors in the estuary behind town. Being the country's most important fishing port, Puntarenas is the perfect place to enjoy fresh seafood, be it camarones al ajillo (shrimp scampi), pescado entero (a whole fried fish), or ceviche de corvina (bits of fresh fish marinate in lime juice with onions, peppers and spices).

Day 13 Cruising
Day 14 Cruising
Day 15 Port of Call Cartagena/Colombia Arrival 11:00a.m. Departure 7:00p.m.


Cartagena, conveniently located on Colombia's Caribbean coast, is a unique city filled with sun, sea and history. Comprised of a series of islands connected by bridges, Cartagena is divided by 17th Century walls into a historic "old city" and a cosmopolitan "modern city". Tour magnificent fortresses including "The Castle", one of the largest examples of military architecture in Latin America. Relax on Cartagena's beaches or travel by speed boat to the nearby Rosario Islands for snorkeling, sunbathing and swimming in private Caribbean hideaways. Browse through shops and boutiques for emeralds, gold, and Pre-Colombian treasures. Enjoy the ambiance of Cartagena's captivating history inside rebuilt ships and forts where diners feast on fresh seafood. Recognized by the United Nations as a city of major cultural significance, Cartagena has a charm all its own.

Day 16 Cruising
Day 17 Port of Call Cayman/George Town Arrival 9:00a.m. Departure 4:00p.m.


Miles of powdery white beaches above clear blue water and one of the richest marine environments make Grand Cayman one of the Caribbean’s finest vacation destinations (and a world class scuba diving destination). As a British Crown Colony, Grand Cayman enjoys all of the benefits of sophisticated government, touting one of the strongest economies in the Caribbean (with over 600 banks) while still allowing visitors to enjoy duty free shopping in Georgetown for jewelry, art, local crafts, and unique souvenirs like treasure coins from a sunken Spanish galleon circa the “Pirates of the Caribbean” era.

Day 18 Cruising
Day 19 Port of Call Miami Arrival 7:00a.m. Departure 7:00p.m.


The City of Miami known as the “Magic City” is located in Southeast Florida, in Miami-Dade County on the Miami River, between the Florida Everglades and the Atlantic Ocean. Since its incorporation in 1896, the City has grown tremendously, transforming it into one of the world’s renowned centers where people can work, live and play while enjoying a high quality of life. The City of Miami, known for its diverse culture and ethnicities is the largest municipality in Miami-Dade County. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 362,470. By the year 2010 the population in the City is projected to rise to 390,191. Miami which is known as the Gateway to Latin America attracts a tremendous amount of foreign born people, resulting in a large Latin American population that includes Cubans, Nicaraguans, Colombians, Venezuelans, Puerto Ricans, Argentineans, Ecuadorians, Brazilians, Dominicans, Haitians and Mexicans. According to the 2000 U.S. census, the City has a 60 percent Hispanic population, a 22.3 percent African-American population and an 11.9 percent White/other population.

Onboard the Seven Seas Mariner

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The world’s first all-suite, all-balcony ship, Seven Seas Mariner® features four gourmet restaurants with open seating. Hallmarks include generous amenities and a welcome spaciousness throughout the ship. Catering to only 700 pampered guests, her staff-to-guest ratio of 1 to 1.6 ensures the absolutely highest level of personal service.

Onboard Activities

Activities & Services (included in cruise)


  • Card Room
  • Casino
  • Disco/Nightclub
  • Movies
  • Fitness Center
  • Sauna/Steam Room
  • Educational Programs
  • Pool - Outdoor
  • Sports Facilities
  • Whirlpool/Jacuzzi
  • Bars/Lounges
  • Library
  • Wi-Fi
  • Organized Age Specific Activities
  • Teen Programs
  • Business Center
  • Concierge Desk
  • Dry Cleaning/ Laundry Service
  • Duty-Free Shops/Boutiques
  • Elevators

Activities & Services (available for an extra fee)

Full-Service Spa

  • Beauty Salon
  • Full-Service Spa
  • Babysitting
  • Infirmary/Medical Center

Costco Travel makes every effort to verify the accuracy of all information provided. Additional fees for amenities or services may be charged by the cruise line. Amenities or services may be discontinued or revised by the cruise line without notice. Staterooms designated as wheelchair-accessible do not necessarily meet ADA requirements. Costco Travel is not responsible for inaccuracies or provider modifications.


Compass Rose

Specialty Dining

Chartreuse: Featuring a classic French menu with a modern twist, Chartreuse evokes memories of a chic Parisian fine dining restaurant discovered during an evening stroll. Wherever you are seated in this regal restaurant, you will be treated to a succulent dinner while enjoying incredible ocean views. The restaurant ambiance is complemented by a menu that features dishes expertly prepared using both classic and modern techniques for a multiple course celebration of French gastronomy.

Compass Rose: Much thought was given to the design of Compass Rose, the flagship restaurant of Regent Seven Seas fleet. The dining room is outfitted with rich woods contrasted by light marble stones and mother of pearl shimmering brightly with an elegant color theme of light shades of blue, white, gold and silver. Compass Rose delights with a beautifully defined atmosphere and transitions from refreshing natural light during the day to a romantic ice blue lighting theme at night. This is the perfect setting for you to enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner, where the menu features an exceptional variety of Continental cuisine.

Prime 7: A true classic in every sense, Prime 7 sets a new standard in steakhouse fare with its contemporary interpretation of an American favorite. Handsomely decorated with supple leather wing-back chairs, burnished woods and rich earth-toned fabrics, Prime 7 exudes a distinct, intimate elegance. All the traditional starters are here, including Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, Classic Steak Tartare, and Clam Chowder. Of course, beef is the undisputed star, and it is all USDA Prime and Dry-Aged at least 28 days to ensure the ultimate tenderness, juiciness and flavor. Prime New York Strip, Porterhouse Steak and succulent Filet Mignon only touch upon the selections. Mouthwatering alternatives include Alaskan King Crab Legs and Dover Sole. Prime 7 is open for dinner only and reservations are required.

Sette Mari at La Veranda: Each evening, La Veranda transforms into Sette Mari at La Veranda, a casual, intimate dining experience. Enjoy an extensive menu of authentic antipasti and Italian specialties served á la carte and paired with fine Italian wines — complimentary of course. Delectable dishes are prepared á la minute by talented chefs using only the freshest gourmet ingredients and served by attentive waiters. Sette Mari at La Veranda is open for dinner only.


Casual Dining

Coffee Connection: Your informal destination to relax, meet fellow guests and enjoy coffee and snacks throughout the day. While snacking, international newspapers and news magazines are available for your perusal.

La Veranda: Serving breakfast and lunch, La Veranda is exceedingly popular any time of the day. Spacious and comfortably casual, La Veranda offers regional specialties that often reflect the cuisines of the countries called on. Dishes are presented in a buffet style that displays the diversity of the menu. La Veranda also features an authentic pizzeria and a shaded, open-air veranda for dining al fresco.

Pool Grill: The Pool Grill is open-air, yet abundantly shaded for comfortable dining. Enjoy grilled-to-order burgers, grilled seafood, sandwiches, and fresh salads. Treat yourself to milkshakes and malts or an old-fashioned hand-dipped ice cream dessert sprinkled with all your favorite toppings.

Room Service: Complimentary 24-hour dining in the comfort of your stateroom.

Times, costs and other specifics are outside the control of Costco Travel. All information is at the sole discretion of the cruise line and is subject to change without notice. Dining time and table size preferences are submitted to the cruise line on a first-come, first-served request basis and are confirmed aboard ship. Questions, concerns and/or special needs regarding dining arrangements must be addressed with the maitre d' hotel aboard ship. Every effort is made to accommodate travelers' preferences; however, Costco Travel cannot guarantee dining arrangements. In specialty restaurants, space is limited and reservations are recommended. A cover charge and dress code may apply.


Features a European king-size bed, a sitting area, a marble bathroom, a walk-in closet and a balcony. Concierge Level is available.

Deluxe Suite (Category: H)

Category: H
Deluxe suite; 301 sq.ft.; 252 sq.ft.; Balcony: 49 sq.ft.

Deluxe Suite (Category: G)

Category: G
Deluxe suite; 301 sq.ft.; 252 sq.ft.; Balcony: 49 sq.ft.

Deluxe Suite (Category: F)

Category: F
Deluxe suite; 301 sq.ft.; 252 sq.ft.; Balcony: 49 sq.ft.

Spacious suites feature an in-suite iPad, daily canapés and upgraded bathroom amenities.

Penthouse Suite (Category: A)

Category: A
Penthouse Suite includes Butler Service; 449 sq.ft.; 376 sq.ft.; Balcony: 73 sq.ft.

Penthouse Suite (Category: B)

Category: B
Penthouse Suite includes Butler Service; 449 sq.ft.; 376 sq.ft.; Balcony: 73 sq.ft.

Penthouse Suite (Category: C)

Category: C
449 sq.ft.; 376 sq.ft.; Balcony: 73 sq.ft.

Concierge Suite (Category: D)

Category: D
Deluxe suite; 301 sq.ft.; 252 sq.ft.; Balcony: 49 sq.ft.

Concierge Suite (Category: E)

Category: E
Deluxe suite; 301 sq.ft.; 252 sq.ft.; Balcony: 49 sq.ft.

Master Suite (Category: MS)

Category: MS
2 bedrooms; Master Suites include Butler Service; 2002 sq.ft.; 1204 sq.ft.; Balcony: 727 sq.ft.

Grand Suite (Category: GS)

Category: GS
Butler service; 987 sq.ft.; 903 sq.ft.; Balcony: 84 sq.ft.

Mariner Suite (Category: MN)

Category: MN
Mariner Suites include Butler Service; 739 sq.ft.; 650 sq.ft.; Balcony: 89 sq.ft.

Seven Seas Suite (Category: SS)

Category: SS
Seven Seas (forward) Suites include Butler Service; 602 sq.ft.; 505 sq.ft.; Balcony: 97 sq.ft.

Horizon View Suite (Category: HS)

Category: HS
Butler service; 627 sq.ft.; 359 sq.ft.; Balcony: 268 sq.ft.

Deck Plan

Cruise Ship
Deck 12
Key to Symbols
Three guest capacity suite; convertible sofa bedThree guest capacity suite; convertible sofa bed
Wheelchair accessible suites have shower stall instead of bathtubWheelchair accessible suites have shower stall instead of bathtub
Bathroom features a glass-enclosed shower instead of a bathtubBathroom features a glass-enclosed shower instead of a bathtub
2-bedroom suite accommodates up to 6 guests2-bedroom suite accommodates up to 6 guests

Ship Facts

Seven Seas Mariner ship image
  • Ship Name: Seven Seas Mariner
  • Year Built: 2001
  • Year Refurbished: 2018
  • Year Entered Present Fleet: 2001
  • Ship Class: Mariner
  • Maximum Capacity: 700
  • Number of Passenger Decks: 8
  • Number of Crew: 445
  • Officers' Nationality: International
  • Tonnage (GRT): 48,075
  • Capacity Based on Double Occupancy: 700
  • Country of Registry: The Bahamas
  • Total Staterooms: 350
  • Suites with Balcony: 350
  • Crew/Hotel Staff Nationality: European/International
Costco Travel makes every effort to verify the accuracy of all information provided. Additional fees for amenities or services may be charged by the hotel, resort or cruise line. Amenities or services may be discontinued or revised by the provider without notice. Hotels, resorts, ships or accommodations designated as wheelchair-accessible do not necessarily meet ADA requirements. Costco Travel is not responsible for inaccuracies or provider modifications.

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Available Dates & Prices

Departure Date

Inside Stateroom

Ocean View Stateroom

Balcony Stateroom

Suite Stateroom

Departure Date - 06/06/2025

Inside Stateroom


Ocean View Stateroom


Balcony Stateroom

CA $ 19,775

Suite Stateroom

CA $ 21,475

Terms & Conditions

*Price shown is per person based on double occupancy, is valid for select stateroom categories only, and does include government taxes/fees and gratuities. Click on the Terms & Conditions link below for details.

**Select complimentary shore excursions are for full-fare guests only, capacity controlled and subject to availability. Shore excursion reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note, available excursions vary by sailing date and day of the week. Government fees and taxes are included. Requested excursions may not be available at time of booking. Supplement will apply on Regent Choice excursions and excludes Private Arrangements and all Adventures Ashore programs. Restrictions apply and penalties apply 36 hours prior to shore excursion start date.

††All shipboard credit is in U.S. dollars, is per stateroom based on double occupancy, has no cash value, is nontransferable and not redeemable for cash.

†One Digital Costco Shop Card per room/stateroom, per stay. The exact amount of the Digital Costco Shop Card will be calculated during the booking process. The Digital Costco Shop Card promotion is nontransferable and may not be combined with any other promotion. A Digital Costco Shop Card will arrive by email approximately 10 days after the start of your cruise. Click on the Terms & Conditions link below for additional information.

Ship's registry: The Bahamas

    Package ID: RSSMARMEX20250606