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Being at the confluence of the French and English traditions, Montreal has developed a unique and distinguished cultural face. The city has produced much talent in the fields of visual arts, theatre, dance, and music, with a tradition of producing both jazz and rock music. Montreal is home to many festivals, all of them entirely unique. Three festivals are the largest of their kind in the entire world: Montreal Jazz Festival, Montreal International Fireworks Festival, and Francofolie (the largest French music festival).

More About Montreal, Quebec


Montreal’s province, Quebec, is culturally distinct from the rest of Canada. As Canada’s largest French city, Montreal has literally thousands of cultural attractions. From museums to art galleries, and historic sites to beautiful architecture, Montreal has something for everyone. Montreal rates as one of the world’s most livable cities and was named “Canada’s Cultural Capital” by Monocle Magazine and a UNESCO “City of Design”.

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Before You Go

Airport Check-In: It is recommended that you reconfirm your flight information and check-in for your flights at the airline’s website 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure. Please bring all your final documents with you. It is important to arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes prior to departure for all domestic flights, and two to three hours prior to departure for international flights.

Required Documents: Canadian citizens must travel with valid government-issued photo identification (such as a driver's licence). Rules are subject to change at any time, without notice. For the most current information, visit the website for Public Safety Canada at

Newlywed Information: Tickets and other travel documents must exactly match your current passport and other identification. If not, you could be denied boarding and no refund will be forthcoming. For requirements and information regarding marriages performed in a foreign country, please visit the consulate of the particular country.

Honeymoon Packages: Some hotels require you to present a marriage certificate or license for you to receive the honeymoon package. Please bring your marriage documentation with you if you are traveling on a honeymoon package.

Luggage: Baggage allowances and fees vary by airline. For airline baggage fees and policies please visit If baggage fees do apply, this cost will be additional and must be paid directly to the airline.

Travel Health Information: For the most current worldwide health information, consult your family physician or for advice and advisories.

General Safety Tips: By taking a few simple security precautions before and during your vacation you can help ensure that you, your traveling companions, and your valuables are as safe and secure as possible.
  • To make it easier to replace your passport if it’s lost or stolen, in addition to your passport, take a photocopy of your passport information page (keeping it separate from your actual passport).
  • Carry only a limited amount of cash, just enough for gratuities and incidental purchases. Major credit cards are widely accepted and can be replaced if lost or stolen.
  • Always lock your hotel room door (including patio and balcony door on any level of the building) and use the peephole before opening the door.
  • Store your valuables (such as cash, credit cards and airline tickets) in the hotel’s in-room safe or front desk safety deposit box.
  • If you must carry valuables on your person, do so in a pouch or money belt concealed under your clothing. Purses and backpacks can be easy targets for thieves.

Average Fahrenheit Temperature:
May through September: 12° to 26°
October through April: 13° to 12°

Water Safety: Tap water is safe to drink.

Tipping: A 15 - 20% tip is customary for service. At All-Inclusive hotels, gratuities are generally included in the vacation price.

Local Currency: CAD

Currency Information: Banks and most hotels have currency exchange facilities. Many credit cards are also accepted.

Electricity: 110 volts, North America Standard

Time Zone: Eastern Daylight Time

Local Language: English | French

Transportation: Rental cars, private transfers, ridesharing services, taxis and buses are available. To determine time schedules for public transportation, please inquire at your hotel.

Top Experiences

  • Old Montreal : Montreal consists of a modern section with new, complex roadways and high-rise buildings that tower over the city's skyline. It is also home to an old-world area with a rich, 300-plus-year history. Vieux-Montreal offers visitors a taste of history with cobblestone streets, sidewalk cafes that overlook the river, and horse-drawn carriage rides to tour the city.

  • Satosphere Projection Room : Montreal's Satosphere Projection Room is a one-of-a-kind experience that gives visitors a 360-degree audio-visual experience. Shows vary from films, to dance parties, games, and special presentations. The attraction has regular events with various DJs, VJs, and virtual reality events. The Satosphere has an outdoor terrace and dining options that include a farm-to-table restaurant where guests can try the Foodlab's biodynamic wines.

  • Montreal Botanical Gardens : The botanical gardens in Montreal is open year-round. Guests can enjoy the 190-acres on a hot summer day or when the temperature dips below zero. The garden is housed in 10 large greenhouses that each have a theme. Stroll through over 22,000 species including floral designs from the 14th to the 17th century Ming Dynasty. Some gardens are even complete with butterflies and other insects. When the weather's right, check out the outdoor areas as well that contain a large, colorful arrangement of roses bushes and other seasonal flora.

  • Six Flags : Quebec's Largest, Most Exciting Theme Park.

  • Montreal Underground City : Montreal has a network of shopping conveniently tucked away from the elements with 33 kilometers (20.5 miles) of tunnels supporting roughly 2,000 businesses. Whether you need to warm up from the winter snow or cool down from the summer heat, this unique Montreal experience is one to explore!

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